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上海仕昊实业有限公司,创立于1998年,是一家专业生产出口宠物用品的企业,产品包括服装, 包, 窝, 项圈,牵绳, 玩具等各类中高档宠物样品, 主要销往美国,日本,德国,西班牙,意大利, 澳大利亚,新加坡, 台湾等宠物行业发达国家和地区的宠物连锁店, 大型超市和批发商, 并与之建立了良好的合作关系, 有着良好的商誉。 随着国内宠物行业的快速发展,公司在2010年从日本引进了PETSINN宠物品牌,特别组建了国内市场营销团队和研发部门, 全力推进PETSINNPIN的品牌营销:

引进和吸收专业的欧美和日韩的时尚设计理念,以人为本,以产品创新和设计研发为公司价值和品牌导向,每年都有多项设计产品获得中国版权,中国专利和国际专利。 所有产品均采用优质的原材料,并充分使用环保材料和多家国际知名第三方检测公司合作,对原材料进行严格检控。 下属工厂有着长期外贸出口的生产管理经验,均通过多家著名国际客户和ISO质量体系认证。

严格和全面的质量管控,按照AQL国际标准进行产品检验,相关产品需要通过针检机器,来确保每件产品的品质。 设计师专门为每款产品量身定做辅料和包装设计,彰显高端的品牌定位。

Shanghai Seahow International Trading Co., Ltd. with brand PetsInn is a pet products leading company specializing in pet apparel (Tee, Jacket, and Sweater), pet collar/leash/harness (Nylon, PU), pet carrier, pet beds and other accessories like toys with competitive prices.Annual turnover is approximate $20M, 1,200 SKU by well sale in Asia, North America, Europe and Australia markets.

Seahow enjoys a good reputation for pets'products innovation including our professional R&D, Supply Chain Operation and Outstanding Services. We have two seasonal designs with the latest fashion in different markets. Our designs have been made with the needs of pets'lifestyle in mind-cute, stylish, durable and easy to put on.Strictly inspection and testing standard helps Seahow build a good quality control system to provide on time and supervision delivery.

Headquarter is in Shanghai, Seahow has more than 10 years' experience in pet industry. Make pets'life better is our main goal.

Seahow Service

  • Suppliers Chain Establish and Management
  • Professional Customer Services
  • Stream Lined Process
  • Quick Response and Action
  • Mass Deliver Ability
  • Cost Control
  • Professional Packaging Match Products
  • Pick and Pack Service
  • Professional Testing Service
  • Quality Assure Throughout the Entire Process
  • R&D and Copy Right Register

Seahow Value

  • Innovation and Creation
  • Integral services
  • Professionalism, efficiency and reliability
  • Transparency and responsibility
  • Customer and Market Orientation

Seahow can provide comprehensive and one-stop solution to fulfill the sourcing needs of our clients in China.

We believe strongly that the spirit and character of Seahow is helping us to develop pet products, and finally to provide consumers with innovative solutions that improve the care and comfort of their pets.


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